Brotree Anti Shock Trekking Poles Review

One of the most important trekking and hiking gears that help people to regain their footing on any terrain are trekking poles, also known as hiking sticks. The trekking poles or the hiking poles that are available these days are surely one of the biggest supports for those who believe in going where the road leads them. This means that they need sticks or poles that are durable and that help them lean against for a breather now and then.

The trekking poles should ideally be of a high quality and from a reliable brand only so that they can walk long. One thing that one has to remember is that the Brotree Anti Shock Trekking Poles is one such product, which offers double-quick flip-lock mechanism. This is ideal for those who might wish to lend their trekking poles to their family members.

The flexibility, the durability, and the anti-shock features of the trekking poles help the trekkers to lean and reduce the shock of trekking at any levels. It is of great help to mountaineers who are amateurs, along with being of immense help to the experienced people in adventurous treks.

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The Brotree brand has their priorities right and the trekking poles are of pretty quality materials for the price you pay. For trekking on higher ranges, one has to have really strong and firm grip and then hoist one’s body to the higher level. To do this, one has to have strong poles which do not give away at pressure or do not break. It would cause significant problem to everyone. So, the brand goes for the aircraft grade aluminum alloy to give it body. In spite of strength, the trekking poles just weigh 9.5 ounces. If you are looking for a more premium aluminum product, don’t forget to check out the Montem Ultra Strong Trekking Poles.

Adjustability & Features

If you are thinking of buying one pair of trekking poles for your family, then buying the Brotree Anti Shock Trekking Poles might be ideal for you. The pair of trekking poles is suitable for all types of inclines and for people of all age groups. The wrist bands are going to be perfect to slide down the wrist, and the handles fit smugly in your palms.

The EVA foam handles are superb for giving you good grip through your mittens and does not allow sweat to go loose on the grip. The trekking poles come in various colors and designs that are ideal for the fashion-conscious people. The double-quick flip-lock mechanism is easy to help the trekkers to flip open or to keep the trekking poles in that same size. The collapsed size or length of the pair of the trekking poles would be 63cms, and the pair of trekking poles would be at 135cms at their optimum.

Comfortable grip: The Brotree Anti-Shock Trekking poles offer a comfortable grip and help in ascending great heights. The foldable pair of trekking poles helps the trekker to pack it into a backpack with ease. The wristbands on the handle come with the logo and are the perfect accessory for the amateur hiker to get a grip on the ice and snow. The tungsten carbide tips of the trekking poles help in walking on sleet-covered roads and unsteady grounds.

The package includes two trekking poles with tungsten carbide tips. The wrist bands are firm, and the stylish body of the trekking poles is perfect for the long treks. Do not worry about the sizes, as they are suitable for people of all age groups. Your school going child also are able to enjoy her first nature trail with you.

One size fits all they say, and this is true with this trekking pole from Brotree. The adjustable strap on the wrists fit small wrists as well. Therefore, one pair of trekking poles for everyone in your home would be a super buy. In short, the product is the most cost-efficient pair of trekking poles.


The Brotree Anti Shock Trekking Poles are high on performance, and the users who have bought this are happy. They are saying that it is not the one to break under pressure. It is necessary to be firm for the seniors or people with weak knees to go walking. It is good to lean on the trekking poles often when your back and legs tire after a steep climb. Just make sure that you have firm grip as this stick helps you climb higher quickly and for making your way through dense forests too.


These trekking poles are approximately the same price as other low price range aluminum trekking poles.


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On the whole, if you are a seasoned trekker, a wildlife enthusiast, or a trekker who scales mountains every year, this pair of trekking poles is the best buy. You would find great relief walking with it as you step on boulders to cross streams, or hoist yourself up on rocky ledges of the hills and mountains.

No trek would be impossible ascent, and no mountain would be too high anymore! Just go ahead with a pair of Brotree Anti Shock Trekking Poles!