Leki Corklite Trekking Poles Review

For the seasoned hiker who wants something beyond the ordinary for all their needs, the Leki Corklite Trekking Poles should be enough to get the job done. Apart from looking more fabulous than its cheaper counterparts, this product brings the reliability of Leki, a company that is dedicated to making the lives of thrill seekers easier.

For those seeking the ultimate adventure, this product offers the same remarkable features as the standard version of Corklite but also includes the benefits of SAS-L Antishock for much greater comfort and seamless flexibility in the long run. People of all ages can use this product and expect to ace the ice climbing, hiking, and trekking sessions.

I know what I want! I want to get the best price on my trekking poles now!


These Leki Corklite Trekking Poles are built for heavy duty use and comes with the highly popular handle that is a favorite among backcountry trekkers. Even though the additional sturdiness comes at a price, which is being a bit heavier than usual poles, this model is also more versatile in many ways. The Corklite is sturdy enough for various types of off trail adventures yet being light enough to suit even novice adventure seekers.

The ultrasonic finish is definitely worth the additional price as it provides a premium feel to an otherwise seemingly simple pair of trekking poles.

Adjustability & Features

This is a highly compact product that can be shrunk to a size as small as 26 inches and can expand to a maximum size of 53 inches. This means, people of various heights can use the Corklite efficiently and never have to worry about fitting it right outside of their backpack. If you wanted a product that would fit inside of your carrying gear, then you may be disappointed with this one.

Of course, this isn’t the most compact one you can buy on the market right now, but it is not something unusual given the fact that you’re getting a much sturdier product in return. If you are flexible, then this model will be too!


What makes the Leki Corklite Trekking Poles stand out from the rest of the products in the market is the AERGON Cor-Tec Compact Grip that promises to provide additional comfort. Made of aluminum and stainless steel, this pair of trekking poles weighs only 1.09 lbs that makes it a good enough choice for people of all ages and trekking experience levels.

The AERGON Cor-Tec Compact Grip has been made of natural quality, ground cork along with the combination of natural rubber for optimum durability and comfort. Automatic support straps and Flex tips of carbide are a standard offering in every model. Moreover, the interchangeable baskets seamlessly thread on and off and allow for greater customization.


Despite having a largely thin shaft and sporting one of the narrowest grips in trekking poles to have ever existed, it is nonetheless every bit as strong as the manufacturer promises. In fact, don’t be surprised to learn that this may even be sturdier than carbon fiber varieties and increasingly resistant to bending.

Even the grip is more durable than those made of foam, which is another additional point why you should check this model out. People on Amazon.com have rated this pair an average of 4.6/5 stars, which perhaps tells more than you need to know about the reliability and performance of these great trekking poles.

You’ll notice dozens of positive reviews talking about the effectiveness of this model and how it helped the users to overcome certain scenarios. Sure, there may be a few less than favorable reviews, but that is something every product has to deal with.


Make no mistake; the Leki Corklite Trekking Poles aren’t just your regular, run-of-the-mill item that costs a couple of dozen dollars. This is a high-end product meant for those who want to take their hiking and mountaineering skills to the next level and brave the odds involved in traversing through high altitude rocky environments.

Given this product’s features and sturdiness, it’s pretty safe to say that the above $ 100 price tag on Amazon.com is justified. But does paying this much for a pair of trekking poles make sense when so many cheaper alternatives are available? Well, there is another product you may check out at your discretion.

The better alternative (in our view) – Montem Ultralight Carbon Fiber Trekking Poles (wrote about these poles here)

You’ve heard about Montem, right? If the answer is yes, then you probably already know how they are reputed for manufacturing outdoor gear that also matches up to exceptionally high standards of quality. If you do not have the budget of $ 100, then don’t hesitate to pick up this model at nearly half the price!


You can purchase them at Amazon.com.


While the Leki Corklite Trekking Poles may be a good enough choice for seasoned trekkers, paying a premium price for added durability may not be right up their alley. Don’t get this wrong, but this trekking pole is a fantastic product that is well worth the price to those who need it.

However, if you are short on cash and think you can survive without the additional bells and whistles, then the product by Montem is what you should be looking at. This is undoubtedly a better alternative for everyone around, especially because it costs half as much as the Leki model.

Leki Corklite Trekking Poles








Locking Mechanism





  • Sturdy
  • Strong straps
  • Awesome grips


  • Feels heavy at times
  • Pricey!

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