JESBAN VOROSY 2-Pack Carbon Fiber Trekking Poles Review

Each JESBAN/VOROSY hiking pole can be adjusted in length from 24″ to 52″ using their flip lock system. The handles are coated in a foam material that makes for easy gripping even when your hands are sweaty. After a while though, it gets uncomfortable. Each pole also has very an anti-slip hand strap as well. Moving onto the ends of these poles, each has tungsten steel tips so you get an amazing grip on any terrain.

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The poles are made with 80% carbon fiber weighing approximately 0.45 lb each. They are super light but sturdy, suitable for most shapes. The handles are EVA foam, sweat-absorbent and comfortable if used for a short time. Most serious hikers would prefer cork handles similar to the Montem trekking poles. The poles have durable tungsten steel tips to for rocky and challenging terrain as well as rubber feet for flat terrain. There is an optional snow disk for softer surfaces.

Adjustability & Features

The JESBAN trekking pole’s range of adjustment (24 – 52 inches) is similar to that of the Hikker, and there’s a measured section in the bottom for quick setting. The flip-lock adjustment mechanism is among the worst we have seen. It took us several moments to adjust the flip-lock screws to the appropriate tension, so that the sections are not overtightened but still won’t slip if you put your full weight on the poles. Most walking poles use a twist grip mechanism but these have clips, rather like those found on a tripod, and are secure and easy to use, even with cold, wet hands. The metal tips offer great traction on dirt, rock and ice. A pair of rubber caps for asphalt hiking is included. Each hiking pole comes with mud/snow feet which quickly attach to the bottom to prevent the poles from sinking into softer material.


JESBAN trekking poles are what many would consider ideal entry-level / semi-pro equipment. They’re great for those who want to try decent poles without spending a lot of money. These supportive poles are of a higher quality than the BAFX model, although they too receive some criticism in terms of occasional breakage and problems with the twist locks. The JESBAN/VOROSY poles perform at their best in moderate conditions; they’re not designed for “extreme” outdoor challenges.


In terms of trekking equipment, these poles are towards the the lower price range. Adjustability is on par with most other poles on today’s market. The main difference between these poles and others in this price range is their lower weight due to 80% carbon fiber composition. A better bang for your buck would be the Montem Ultralight trekking poles. We have review them here.


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The poles have a nice design and have a strong finish, decent grip and extend to good height, but the first thing we tested was the weakest link — the joints where they extend. We locked them and leaned in with my weight. These trekking poles did not support me. They kept sliding. They are decent poles. We are still on the fence regarding these poles. They don’t seem durable and we have heard of many quality issues. In addition, the grips got uncomfortable after an hour of use. We will get back to you our final thoughts after further use.

JESBAN/VOROSY 2-Pack Carbon Fiber Trekking Poles








Locking Mechanism





  • Lightweight carbon fiber
  • Nice design
  • Great pole extension


  • Handles can get uncomfortable
  • Weak locking mechanism
  • Locking levers break easily
  • Foam handles

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