Neewer Aluminum Alloy T-handle Retractable Trekking Pole Review: Not Worth the Purchase

Neewer trekking poles are what many would consider “you get what you pay for” equipment. They’re great for those who want to try poles without spending a lot of money. Neewer Aluminum Alloy T-handle Retractable Trekking Poles perform at their best in moderate conditions; they’re not designed for “extreme” outdoor challenges.

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The Neewer hiking pole is largely made from aluminum alloy and represents a good compromise between weight (three quarters of a pound), strength, and cost. The grip is rubber over sponge, which is decently comfortable but not everyone’s favorite material in hotter weather. Below the grip, there’s a foam section for carrying the pole when it’s collapsed. An adjustable wrist strap is also included.

Adjustability & Features

Although fold-up hiking poles are available, most are telescopic. The poles on our shortlist each offer an anti-shock feature – a useful attribute that helps you keep your balance and minimizes the impact on your wrists.

The Neewer Walking Stick‘s length can be set anywhere between 26 and 53 inches. The topmost section is marked off (in millimeters, not inches). It’s tightened by a twist-type mechanism that’s easy to use but can wear over time. The manganese steel tip is fitted; its rubber cover protects other gear and makes walking easier on roads and other smooth surfaces. A removable snow/mud basket is included, and the top of the handle holds a mini compass. Some owners have commented that the compass falls out rather easily, but it’s a quick job to glue it back in.


Most hiking poles come in pairs, but for reasons we don’t understand, the Neewer hiking pole is sold individually. While it could be used as a walking stick, its specification is definitely that of a hiking pole. As such, we believe that few people would only want one. That said, they are very cheap (as we’ll see in the next section), so the simple answer is to buy two. They’re intended for light or occasional use, not for regular trekking over serious terrain. Owners who adhere to these parameters are generally very happy. These poles aren’t the strongest on the market, but while a small percentage of owners had cleats fall off or poles come apart, most were fine with what they got for their money.


A single Neewer Hiking Pole is super cheap. Even if you want two, it won’t cost a lot to double that price. You’re unlikely to find cheaper hiking poles anywhere. They’re not too heavy, they’re adjustable, and they offer all the features you’d find on trekking poles that cost two or three times as much. Yes, the Neewer product has its weaknesses. Some owners find the handle to be uncomfortable after a while. Others have issues with how they’re put together. For every person who has a complaint, however, there are ten who are perfectly happy. As long as you realize these are cheap hiking poles for light use, you’re likely to be satisfied with this product.


You can purchase them directly at here. Please not they they are sold as single units, not a pair (2) as most other trekking poles.



This is a classic “you get what you pay for” item. They are poor quality and can get defective quite easily. The handles were not comfortable. They tend to break and snap very easily. Also, the locks did not work sometimes. They are cheap and low quality and we would not recommend for any serious hiker.

Neewer Aluminum Alloy T-handle Retractable Trekking Pole








Locking Mechanism





  • Cheap
  • You get what you pay for
  • Fairly lightweight


  • Easily break
  • Pole vibrates a lot
  • Rubber tip wear out quickly
  • Weak locking mechanism
  • Bad quality all around

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