TREK PRO Hiking / Trekking Poles by Park Ridge Outfitters Review

The Park Ridge Outfitters TREK PRO hiking poles are almost identical to the BAFX trekking poles: they are cheap, fairly light, and you won’t cry when you break them. If you’re a serious hiker, investigate the higher quality poles and save these for your “leave in the car” set. Each pole can be extended to any length from 26 to 54 inches in length. The poles extend by turn locking system and each pole has measuring on the middle section for easy adjustment to your preferred height on every trip. Enhancing comfort within the poles are the built-in anti shock springs, to cushion every step of the way. Finally, they also have a durable steel tip hidden under the rubber foot at the bottom for trekking on more rocky and uneven terrain.

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The slender TREK PRO Hiking Poles by Park Ridge Outfitters are made of 7075 Aluminum (considered the strongest on the market) and weigh around 11 ounces, lighter than the BAFX trekking poles. The handles are plastic, which is great for durability but not so great for “give.” Some owners though a different material would have made them more comfortable as they cause many blisters. As is common, there’s an adjustable wrist strap and a foam grip area just below the handle for carrying the poles when not in use.

Adjustability & Features

In terms of adjustability and features, the TREK PRO Hiking Poles by Park Ridge Outfitters are much like the BAFXNeewer and Hikker products we have reviewed. The same kind of turn and lock device allows you to open and close the poles between 26 and 54 inches. Each hiking pole is fitted with a metal tip and a rubber cover. You also get a spare pair of covers with this product – presumably in case you do a lot of road work and wear them out! The company also sells replacement tips here. The removable snow disk is perhaps a bit more robust than others, but in the end, it does the same job.


TREK PRO Hiking Poles by Park Ridge Outfitters are not as popular as the BAFX hiking poles even though they are similarly priced. The TREK PRO Trekking / Hiking Poles are designed for moderate trekking, but owner feedback suggests that some have pushed them through quite difficult terrain and come out the other side still smiling! A few found the handles uncomfortable in hot conditions, and the twist locks also receive some criticism (this seems to be a common occurrence, regardless of manufacturer). On rare occasions, the carbide tips and rubber ferrules have been known to fall off, but this is uncommon and is covered by the 12-month warranty.


There is little to separate the TREK PRO Hiking Poles by Park Ridge Outfitters from the BAFX Products Trekking Poles and the Hikker poles. They share a similar design and have a similar extension range. All have anti-shock systems and lock via a turning collar. The only difference appears to be that the Hikker has a thermometer and compass (albeit not that accurate) and the Park Ridge Outfitters and BAFXs have extra rubber feet. According to our research, BAFX hiking poles are considerably more popular. Indeed, customers are highly satisfied with their BAFX hiking poles than the Park Ridge Outfitters.


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The adjustment process is fairly tedious, and we found ourselves adjusting them pretty often. The handles were not comfortable, and we have some blisters forming (Same issue we had with the BAFX trekking poles). They are cheap and low quality and we would not recommend for any serious hiker.

TREK PRO Hiking / Trekking Poles








Locking Mechanism





  • Cheap
  • Can purchase same brand tips
  • Lighter than BAFX poles


  • Tips fall off easily
  • Plastic handles are uncomfortable
  • Handles cause blisters
  • Locking mechanism can be difficult

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