10 Benefits of Using Trekking Poles

There are many benefits to using trekking poles. Most obviously, trekking poles reduce the impact of hiking on knee joints and leg muscles. Arm and shoulder muscles support and relieve the leg muscles. With the basic “hands above the heart” position necessitated by the poles, circulation is improved and heart rate is reduced. The “rhythm” created by walking with poles leads to relaxed, more regular breathing and increased stamina.

It should be noted that using trekking poles does not reduce overall energy usage. Actually, some studies suggest it increases calorie burning by activating more muscle groups. Trekking poles allow the user to use their arms to take some of the stress off the lower appendages and therefore, increase their hiking endurance.

Using trekking poles improves your posture while hiking through the woods. Some backpackers take on a hunched gait while walking due to a heavy pack. With correctly fitted poles, you’ll be able to stand straighter and taller. With the weight off your back and shoulders, you can carry yourself in a better position throughout the day—resulting in less fatigue, fewer injuries and greater pleasure. There are other advantages to using trekking poles. A short list of these benefits below:

10 Benefits of Using Trekking Poles-01

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