Black Diamond Trail Pro Shock Trekking Pole Review

These lightweight Black Diamond trekking poles are designed for four-season on-trail versatility. The three piece, ultralight, narrow diameter aluminum shafts, reduce weight without sacrificing strength. Dual FlickLock Pro pole locking mechanisms allow for easy length adjustment and improved strength and clamping force. The poles also feature the patent-pending Control Shock Technology™ (CST) for progressive four-stage shock absorption.

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The Black Diamond Trail Pro Shock hiking poles are made of aluminum alloy. Narrow in diameter and weighing just 10 ounces apiece, these poles are lightweight and popular with consumers. The grips, designed to be tough on the outside but soft and comfortable for the user, are made of dual-density foam. There’s a lower grip area for carrying the poles, and adjustable wrist straps are included – though this time, the straps benefit from a nice bit of padding.

Adjustability & Features

Black Diamond’s Trail Pro Shock Trekking Poles can be adjusted from 27 to 55 inches, and they employ a “flick-lock” arrangement that is similar to the locking system on the Cascade Mountain Tech poles. (The Black Diamond mechanism is a little neater.) Tough tungsten carbide tips are featured, though the rubber ferrules are not covers; they actually interchange with the tips. There are also “low-profile” trekking baskets, though many owners consider these to be a bit small for snow use. (Alternatives can be found, but it’s important to check pole diameter first.) Though the features themselves don’t stand out, the build quality of the Black Diamond is pretty nice. This is underlined by the anti-shock system – a patent-pending, four-stage set-up that is reminiscent of the progressive response you’d find on a car or motorcycle.


With an enviable reputation among serious trekkers, Black Diamond is one of the market’s top-rated hiking pole makers despite their high prices. The company makes several different pole models, and it’s fair to say that the Trail Pro Shock is an “entry-level” product in the Black Diamond world. However, many owners will tell you Black Diamond’s entry-level is higher than most manufacturers’ “best.” Built for people who regularly take on the toughest outdoor challenges, these are seriously good poles. In particular, the springing comes in for much praise. When you plant a Black Diamond pole, you don’t just enjoy confidence in your balance; you also enjoy terrific feedback that allows you to “feel” what’s happening at the end of them.


If you want high-end hiking poles, there’s a price to pay. At and on the Black Diamond website, these are one of the most expensive trekking poles on the market. Many trekkers and climbers would argue that there are actually very few manufacturers that offer hiking poles of the Black Diamond’s high standard. They’re comfortable, strong, light (for aluminum), and they have the best anti-shock system in our ratings.


You can purchase them directly from their website or at It is cheaper to purchase them from


Black Diamond Trail Pro Shock Trekking Poles are too expensive for the value they provide. We have concerns over their durability and comfort for the price you have to pay. Committed outdoor enthusiasts would be glad to pay for these overpriced poles but we would not recommend amateur or entry level hikers to purchase these poles. There are so many other better options.

Black Diamond Trail Pro Shock Trekking Poles








Locking Mechanism





  • Anti-shock system
  • Strong straps
  • High quality materials


  • Expensive
  • Snow disks are too small
  • Anti-shock can be defective at times
  • Locking mechanism can be difficult

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